Matthew McClearn

Writer and Data Journalist
Toronto, Canada
Award-winning journalist specializing in narrative features, investigative and data-driven, multimedia projects. Currently a data journalist with the Energy, Resources and Environment team at The Globe and Mail.


Matthew McClearn

Geo Information Systems (GIS)
Investigative Reporting
Data Analysis

Award-winning journalist with 16 years’ experience. Illuminates seldom-explored aspects of commercial activity and the people behind it. His central themes have included corporate espionage and surveillance, the lure of illicit commodities, exploitation of vulnerable people in pursuit of profit, and the moral, social and environmental implications of resource extraction. He employs a wide spectrum of techniques, ranging from accessing government and legal records to analyzing data and financial statements to astute observation and effective interviewing and on-site reporting. Possesses basic but growing skills with geographical information systems (GIS) and photography.

Born and raised in Liverpool, Nova Scotia, McClearn reported in Halifax and Calgary before settling in Toronto, where he now lives and works.